Nimbus, name given to rain bearing clouds commonly seen at lower strata of atmosphere. These grey coloured clouds are significance of upcoming rain, "Varun dev" God of sky, water and celestial ocean in Hindu mythology. framed@ Askote│Uttarakhand To know more about clouds go to ▼

Catch ME, if you CAN

In the dawn of late summer, going through the slopes of Himalayas and found this little beautiful creature around me. I was looking for something beautiful and i got it so its all about inner instincts that attract the outer one, try with yourself might be you get the one you want. framed@Uttarakhand, Askote Musk... Continue Reading →


These steep slates, remind me the time when Village were crowned with them, how lovely it seems. "A significance of Changing TIME" framed@ Askote│Uttarakhand


Among some of the rarely seen objects of "My Granny's era", When i look back into past many memorable moments await you, immensely missing them. framed@ Pithoragarh│Uttarakhand


Ek chuski "Jaagne" ke, aur "Sbko Jagane" ke, Ek chuski "Badne" aur "Badaane" ke Khusiyon ko apne mn sma ke "Baatne ke" framed@ Nigalpani, Uttarakhand

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